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Lithic Era Ideas

Some ideas trace their roots to prehistoric times, some about as far as sentience. The evolution of sentience was a series of gradual steps spanning many hundreds of millennia, and so too are those primitive ideas that arose as a consequence of ever greater sentience, and only the vaguest time range - many tens, or hundreds of thousands of years - can be ascribed to their rise. This span of time, from far before the rise of anatomically modern humans, through the development of mentally modern humans in 50 kya, and until the use of metals, is called the lithic era (‘stone age’).

These ideas, being innate, could very well have arisen independently, though it is hard to say, given that with such a small population of humans in the lithic era, and whom all lived in mostly the same place, many of these ideas may have only originated once but immediately spread to the entire population.

These oldest primitive ideas include: truth, causality, theory of mind, animism (souls), spiritualism (communication with souls), burial, veneration of the dead, totemism, fetishism, shamanism, ietism (belief in ‘some’ force), theism, spellwishing, spellwilling, spellsinging, spelldancing, spellriting (crude tools), spellpainting (petroglyphic and facial painting).

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