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Post-Lithic Era Ideas

Ideas would continue to rise in the millennia after the lithic era came to an end. Just as technological advancements came faster and faster, so too did non-technology ideas, so that the last few millennia saw a profusion of ideas.

Some of these evolved in their own right, given the situations people found themselves in; for example, worship of sun gods and rain gods and harvest gods only began after the dawn of agriculture, and agriculture and the resulting sedentary lifestyle, with its focus on specialization, resulted in humans replacing the simple-monotheistic gods of old, with gods for each major aspect of their lives, heralding the era of polytheistic gods. These developments generally happened multiple times, just as agriculture arose independently several times, and so these ideas are called polyfacted - ‘many formations’.

Other ideas were invented only once, and all their forms can trace their lineage back to that common start; these ideas are called monofacted - ‘one formation’. For the most part monofacted ideas only began after the advent of oral tradition - the propagation of ideas, mostly unchanged, from one generation to the next by word of mouth. Some monofacted ideas split off from other ideas, which often trace back to some variant of the lithic era ideas; others are entirely new.

Many ideas arose naturally, as a result of nonclassical conditioning, for new ideas; or were based off inaccuracies of communication of earlier ideas, for ideas that trace their ancestry to earlier ideas. In both cases these are considered fortufacted - ‘made by fortune’.

Other ideas arose as a direct result of individuals (or even organizations) intentionally working to create them - these are called ‘manufacted’, -’made by man’.

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