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College of Tracers

The College of Tracers is an institution that teaches on spelltracing, and an association of those capable of doing this (spelltracers).

Hierarchy and Sigil Stone

The Sigil Seer is the leader of the College. His epithet is “Teacher of the Signs, Guardian of the Stone, the Sigil Seer”. (The Stone in this title is the Sigil Stone.) The Sigil Seer is the one person who can simply “see” ‘true’ patterns, thereby inventing new sigils on the fly. The Sigil Seer gains this power by looking upon the Sigil Stone in the Seer’s Tower of the College, which is off limits to anyone and everyone else. The Sigil Stone is a fist-sized, perfect star sapphire magicite, enchanted (read: imbued by others’ belief) with the ability to grant the power of ‘sigil seeing’ upon those who gaze upon it. However, it is also enchanted with the power to strike blind anyone who gazes upon it without having at least six of the Keepers’ keys - which acts as a safeguard against theft and against use by those who would become sigil seers themselves.

Below the Sigil Seer are the Keepers, so called because they keep the secrets of the College, as they are aware of the faith system (whereas everyone else in the College simply believes in spelltracing). When necessary, a new Sigil Seer is chosen by a circle of eleven Keepers of the College, who also elects new members into their ranks when they lose members.

All other members of the College are either associates (if they have graduated from the schooling portion of the College), or apprentices (if they are still in education).

Special Assets

The College fields siege weapons with almost trebuchet-sized siegestaves to cast their most powerful offensive spells; their City-on-the-Isle is ringed with six defensive spires each of which is a massive, tower-sized staff with an enormous piece of magicite at its pinnacle. The College’s crown jewel is the Kalimsar Geode, a 1-meter-long, multi-ton amethyst magicite that can be dragged through the city’s streets to cast cityspells.

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