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Cult of Abominations

The Cult of Abominations is a group who worship a group of six maleficent monstrosities they call abominations. Because of their fervent worship, the cult’s beliefs make the abominations real.

The cultists regularly capture people and chain them up upon a reclusive mountaintop shrine called the Temple of the Devouring Ones. Their faith holds that the abominations prefer to eat children, and so the cultists frequently abduct children to perform their horrible monthly sacrifice.

Each abomination has mastery over a domain (or element), in which they are supremely powerful. The abominations are imagined as avatars of their domain, with bodies primarily or even entirely composed of their domain’s element; and also as having very large bodies, as monstrosities in their own right.


  • Necrologia, the abomination of bones - an amalgam of bones from a great many skeletons, it can reshape and reposition its bones and has talons and spikes of bone, and can launch missiles of bone
  • Chimaera, the abomination of flesh - a fleshbag of almost nothing but skin and collagen (connective tissue), that is able to just swallow up anything launched into it and if it is organic, digest it and turn skin into more of itself
  • Haemophilus, the abomination of blood - an ooze made entirely of blood, that is able to expel droplets of itself that become contaminated with disease or poison, and is able to squeeze through anything porous and drown its enemies in its mass of blood, and siphon out the blood of its victims leaving behind a dried out husk
  • Descry, the abomination of senses - an amalgamation of eyes, tongues, ears and antennae, that is able to sense what those around it can sense, and can give them sensations or take away their senses
  • Urdar, the abomination of muscle - a muscly monstrosity that can reshape its muscles into other forms (ie wings) and can control others’ muscles (body control)
  • Theophagus, the abomination of mind - a giant floating brain with the ability to both regenerate its brain and get into peoples’ heads and mind control them

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