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Legion of Antimagic

The Legion of Antimagic is an organization formed within the religion of Lumina, in its end times. The Legion is a manufacted offshoot of the faith designed to combat the power of the School of Sorcerers, by neutralizing their power through faith-inspired belief in antimagic.

The Legion’s members are chosen from among the various legions of Luminarium’s mundane military organization - initiated after proving their ability to activate antimagic powers. This means that all members of this legion are also soldiers, zealots of Luminara. As the religion’s hierarchy only accepts men to be soldiers, this means that all members of the Legion of Antimagic are male. Only one in hundreds manifests this power, so generally a legion (1000 regular troops) would only have a few members. But these members’ ability to thwart the power of the sorcerers makes it possible for the rest of the legion to engage in fair combat with them, or to hunt them down.

Each member of this Legion is given an amulet-ring inscribed with three circles, after the Luminaran deiscrius. To create their anti-magic bubble, they clutch their amulet and speak certain phrases and passages from the Luminaran scripture.

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