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Nomadic Tribes

The nomadic tribes of central Estia who base their power on vitalite. The tribes aggressively raid settlements throughout the continent, razing and pillaging any villages they come across, before fleeing back into the open expanse when the militaries of the other sects approach; their horses are superior to any other.

The tribes kill off their captives and store their life essences in vitalite, then consume them. Then when they go into battle, their gem allows them to shrug off injuries that would ordinarily kill a man, making them formidable foes indeed.

Because having a more than normal amount of vitalite makes them extra aggressive, entire tribes may seem mad from the perspective of outsiders. Their vitalite helps them survive in battle, but they fight among themselves so often that they nonetheless suffer high casualty rates. The tribal leaders among them receive the most vitalite, and are even more crazed than the rest, and often demand demand slaughter for no reason other than their blood craze.

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