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Order of Amnesia

The Order of Amnesia is a sect of spellworkers that change peoples’ memories.

The inner circle of the order is comprised of the Caretakers. The Caretakers travel to places and abduct children who would not be missed, ie. foster children and abandoned children, and take them back to the order’s mountain home, where they are put to sleep and a Caretaker imprints the child with memories of being a spellworker capable of overwhelming other spellworkers with extreme ease. Over the course of many years, the Caretakers build up an elaborate personal history for the child, taking pains to ensure that none of the characters involved would be characters they know of or might personally encounter, so as to avoid the children “rejecting the narrative”. This elaborate made-up series of memories thereby convinces the child of his/her own power, and allows him/her to overwhelm most other spellworkers with ease.

This method leaves the children with two weaknesses. First, the children can’t be given visions of them defeating spellwillers, since they cannot ever be sure whether they had overcome spellwillers since spellwillers don’t give any outward indication that they’re working magic. Hence, the children cannot be convinced that they can defeat spellwillers. Second, the Caretakers imprint memories of the children’s spellworking being defeated by the Caretakers - this is to ensure that the children cannot defeat the Caretakers with their spells, and know better than to challenge them.

Generally the Caretakers were themselves children who had been brainwashed by Caretakers before them.

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