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Order of Convalescence

The Order of Convalescence is an association of spellworkers who believe in the power of vitalite to heal the injured. The organization’s members travel the land, staying in settlements to heal any who may need healing.

Order members may be recognized by the staff they bear, called the corporesis. The corporesis is a staff with a headpiece in the shape of a human body’s contours, and symbolizes bodily healing; this shape is also called a corporesis.

The order uses vitalite in healing, and each use exhausts some of the life-energies stored within the vitalite. The order members use the vitalite by touching the gem headpiece of their corporesis to the body of the person who needs healing - though not at the point of injury.

The order makes it well known that their healing expends stored vital energy, which must in turn be replenished. The vital energy in the gem does not automatically replenish, while the vital energy within living people naturally regenerates. Many altruistic peoples visit them to ‘donate’ some of their vital energy by letting the healers pierce their skin with the sharp end of their gem and keep the gem in contact with their blood for a short while. Their only reward is the knowledge that their life force will be used to help others in need. In particular, people whose family members or friends had been saved by the healing worked by vitalite are the most reliable donors and often donate time and time again.

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