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Order of the Leaf

The Order of the Leaf teaches that all will come to pass in its own time, and that the right thing for people to do is to live out their lives as their lives were intended to be lived, without ‘pushing against what is meant to be’. Hence the order's monks generally lead very peaceful, passive lives, letting things take their own course, without intervention. The order's monks regularly mutter the same phrases over and over when they see injustice or imbalance in the world, and whenever they utter them there is a small but significant chance that they can bring about some kind of miracle. Because the spellbiding the order uses is generally slow and weak, the order enlists large numbers of monks, each of which are individually very weak.

The Order shares common stories of how various 'imbalances' had been resolved or mitigated in the past. Hence the types of 'miracles' brought about by the monks tend to be similar. The monks may recognize such effects for what they are (effects caused by the Order members’ presence and their teachings).

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