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The Psionic Order

The Psionic Order is an association of willers, who refer to themselves as psions. The order is one of the smallest of all orders, having fewer than a dozen members at most times. They are few in number as they only accept capable willers into their ranks, and willers are extremely few - one in tens of thousands, and even if they exist, the order is too few to find them effectively. However, as the order only accepts capable willers, each of them is among the most powerful of any spellers anywhere. Being as they are willers, psions can alter reality without giving any outward indication that they’re doing so, which gives them a flexibility that spellworkers can only dream of. The order espouses the “ancient way”, and has formidable confidence-boosting techniques.

Much of the life of a psion is to travel the world seeking ‘wilders’, people who are willers but are on their own and unaware of the association. It speaks to the rarity of psions and the difficulty of finding them that even after years of searching, one can count one’s pupils with the fingers of just one hand. Most of the wilders they do find they are able to locate because the wilders had made a name for themselves using their power.

Psions rarely spend much time together, and when they do they adhere to rigorous rules for when they may use magic in the presence of each other. This is because interference of wills - such as one person willing a door to open and another to close it at the same time - will cause one of them to lose confidence (since the door can only be either open or closed) and thus to lose power. The fear of causing this causes psions to spend most of their time away from one another, and even pupils may not stay long with their masters.

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