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School of Sorcerers

The School of Sorcerers refers to a loose association of sorcerers united by the tenets of their faith. For the most part, however, there is not one “school” where these practitioners train. Instead these schools are scattered throughout Luminaran territory, and must “hide from the light”. Sorcerers teach new pupils where- and whenever they can, whilst always doing their best to ensure secrecy, and so these trainings have short sessions and small groups and are hidden from sight.

The term ‘sorcerer’ comes from the city of Sorcerol, from which they originated, and was originally a derogative term given them by the faithful peoples of Luminara. To the Luminarans, a sorcerer is a kind of witch - just one that learned the Sorcerol brand of magic.

The School was founded after a member of the Psionic Order broke from the order and decided to establish her own order. Taking with her the teachings of the Ancient’s Way, she taught meditation, hypnosis, and other confidence-boosting techniques to her immediate pupils, though they would teach fewer of those to their own pupils. She and her immediate pupils would later form the Aies Sorcen, the leadership of the School and its most capable sorcerers. These secret techniques would send waves through the world as they made it possible for a good proportion of people (one out of 100) to become a sorcerer, whereas only very few could become the wilder spellworkers that the Luminarans were so zealously persecuting. (and even fewer could become wilder spellworkers using purely gestures) These techniques in the School functionally replaced the indoctrination present in various other sects, which meant that the School did not have much need for indoctrination of its own; its techniques were its indoctrination. This also meant that the sorcerers would not be bound to a very narrow faith, that they could create their own personal brands.

The sorcerers use hand gestures - one hand gesture per effect. Some of the gestures are easy to master and most sorcerers do; but many of the gestures are more diffcult (either because they require convoluted gestures or because their effects are more powerful-seeming, it convinces the sorcerers that it is beyond them). Over time the Aies Sorcen and other talented sorcerers would create their own splinter brands of the School, introducing new hand gestures with their own effects and eventually breaking the School into multiple competing sects.

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