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Noble Lineage

The nobles of Whirla each hold faith in powers unique to their noble lineage - faiths maintained by the fact that their parents have these powers as well. Accordingly, they have the same powers. Each noble house has its own domain (ie element) of power. Powers are passed along the male lineage; the father's power passes to both son and daughter. The noble houses wed their daughters to sons of other houses as a means of improving diplomatic relations; so each noble house will accrue daughters from several other noble houses. The daughters from those other houses also possess the power and so provide the noble house with a diversity of powers, though not nearly as powerful as those of the noble lineage they descend from.

The nobles' pride in their own domain leads them to name their house and oftentimes their home city accordingly. The noble fathers often train their daughters.

Powers by House

  • House Crest of Clearwater - water
  • House Hedge of Summerrise - plant
  • House Wind of Aerie - air
  • House Slick of Mudcliff - mud/clay
  • House Ton of Stonehold - earth
  • House Hearth of Hearthgalen - fire
  • House Hoar of Winwry - frost
  • House Spark of Kingsport - electricity
  • House Dawn of Morningdale - light
  • House Ring of Whistleton - sound
  • House Tinge of Dreyvalen - poison
  • House Will of Bremmen - telekinetic
  • House Notch of Straitbridge - vorpal
  • House Shift of Westreach - teleportation

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