Province of Famba
Fambao Profincis
Capital Waldivius
Largest city Ledeorium
Official languages Olanga
Recognised regional languages Jaila, English, Jewish
Ethnic groups 89% Olanganian, 9% Jews, 1% English, 1% Others
Demonym Fambonian
• Province Count
Dlaglan Avgandim
• Total
4.202 km2 (1.622 sq mi)
• 2010 census
Currency Nodol (Nd)
Calling code +551 13

Famba is a province, located in Capital City Planning Region, east of CCD in the country of Ogola.


Famba instead of Effergor is not populated densely. Famba is home to many chemical factories, power plants, shipbuilding production, hardware production.


  • Waldivius - Province capital and residence of province count
  • Ledeorium - Largest town of the province
  • Trylandar - Centre of shipbuilding industry inf the province
  • Alendahrium - Beach resort
  • Tilritum - Highest mountain (cliff) of the province
  • Ildeletan - Third largest town of the province, home for wind powerplant and many hardware production concerns
  • Glemefean Bay - Small fishing village, it is popular for tourists, who likes the architecture and other things there, famous for the whitest sands in the beach and location