The Allied States Federal Council is an presidential advisory council (officially "privy council") to the President of the Allied States at Keller House. New Bay City FAC. The Federal Council's membership consists of the chairpersons of the various other more specialized councils to the President, thus making the Council focused on general affairs.


The Federal Council is chaired by the President. The attendees of the Council are usually the chairpersons of more specialized councils and act as their representatives. Advisers to the President are principal attendees to the Council. The membership consists of the mandatory attendees, who should attend each meeting, and the additional attendees, who may attend at their own convenience or at the request of the President. The membership is as follows:

Mandatory attendees

  • President of the Allied States: Timothy Mac
  • Vice President of the Allied States: Beatrice Washton
  • Keller House Chief of Staff: Wayne Yoder
  • Chairman of the Alliance High Command: George Michael
  • Chairman of the Federal Intelligence Committee: Jacob Stricklin
  • Chairman of the Economic Policy Council: Phillip Messier
  • Chairman of the Environmental Preservation Council: Kristine Ong
  • Senior Adviser to the President for Science, Technology and Innovation: Romeo Santanna
  • Senior Adviser to the President for Justice: Gavin Peeters
  • Senior Adviser to the President for Health and Education: Cedric Curet
  • Senior Adviser to the President for Military Policy: Loren Rahr
  • Legal Adviser to the President: Sebastian Notti
  • Adviser to the President (general affairs): Robin Salmi
  • Adviser to the President (general affairs): Claire Bosworth

Additional attendees

  • Secretary of Defense: James R. Eden
  • Secretary of Homeland Security: Bernard O'Hara
  • Attorney General: Daniela Chi
  • Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Samantha Hatcher
  • Secretary of the Interior and Urban Development: Pete Doorq
  • State governors
  • Ambassadors to foreign nations

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