The Federal District of Georgeland is a federal territory of that nation, an autonomous district in which Topstad, the federal capital, is located. The Federal District is not a state, and unlike federal districts in other nations receives no self-government beyond the municipal level. The Federal District is roughly analogous in status to the District of Columbia; however, unlike DC, Federal District residents receive representation in the federal parliament. The District receives three Members of the Georgeland House of Commons and two Senators, elected by popular vote. The budget and oversight of the district is handled by federal Parliament.

Statehood Movement

As with the District of Columbia, there is a growing movement for the District to become a State. This proposal has met with little more than token support from federal parliamentarians, possibly because of the many issues statehood would create, including an increase in senators and a local legislature. The District is governed at the municipal level by the Topstad City Council.

The boundaries of the District surround the city, and there is virtually no undeveloped part of the Federal District.


The Federal District is directly controlled by the federal government. The federal Department of Home Affairs is responsible for the district, though there is an advisory council, chosen by the government and the local council, for some matters. The Topstad City Council's jurisdiction covers the whole of the Federal District. The Council has 19 members. The city's chief executive is the directly elected Mayor of Topstad; as of 2006, this is Matthew Graham from the Liberal Democratic Party.