Federal Earth is the common name given to the planetary federation consisting of 206 countries on the planet Earth. The polity as it exists today was established by the United Nations Conference of Nations (UNCON) where the Earth Treaty was signed on 1 January 2020. The Earth Treaty abolished certain intergovernmental organizations, including the United Nations, and replaced them with the Federal Earth Authority (FEA), the overarching quasigovernmental organization binding the countries of Earth together. Although the FEA has very limited jurisdiction within any given country, it is fully able to enforce violations of basic rights contained in the Earth Treaty as determined by the Federal Earth Court System. The FEA, by and through its Ports Authority, also controls all international ports of entry, including airports, harbors, and border posts. The "federal capital", as it is called, is located on the island of Sao Tome, off Africa's west coast; although it is no considered the "capital" of Earth, however, simply the headquarters for the FEA.


Globalist movement

UN Conference of Nations

Organization and structure

Earth Treaty

Federal Earth Authority

The Federal Earth Authority (FEA or "the Authority") is the bureaucracy responsible for enforcing the Earth Treaty, and is based off of the island of Sao Tome in the Indian Ocean. It was established by the Earth Treaty as the overarching quasigovernmental organization which would enforce the provisions of the Treaty globally through elected officials. It is not "the government of Earth" per se, however has essentially filled such a role.

Each of the 206 countries of Earth must, through universal suffrage, elect an EarthRep at a time of their choosing. The EarthReps are sent to the FEA Headquarters and work there until recalled by their countries or expelled through a majority vote of other EarthReps. The Chief Executive (CE) is the face and leader of the FEA and is elected by the 205 other EarthReps once every five years. The Chief Executive must be from a different country every term, allowing every nation to eventually see their EarthRep be the Chief Executive.

The Authority may not interfere with issues classified under the exclusive jurisdiction of the various countries' governments, however, may make recommendations which usually carry heavy popular support. The Authority is primarily responsible for enforcing that human rights are protected and that unethical trade practices don't take place. The Treaty places ports of entry under the FEA's authority.

Ports Authority

The Ports Authority (PA) was created in 2024 as a subsidiary organization to the FEA. It is responsible for controlling and managing the various ports of entry in and out of the various nations. International airports, harbors and national border posts all fall under the jurisdiction of the PA, however the nations wherein they are found may staff them with their own government agencies.

Federal Law Enforcement Service

Federal Earth Court System

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