The Federal Military Statute (AFG-2186-191) is an important act of the then unicameral Federal Gathering of the United Federation of Artemis which established the Federal Armed Forces in 2186. It codifies federal military law and procedure, and includes among others the Military Code of Conduct (M/CoC) and the Ranking and Precedence Policy (RPR). It also, to a lesser extent, regulates the interstate militaries, for example, the Interstate Military Cap Directive, which limits the size of interstate forces.

Before the Statute there existed no federal military force. Instead, the United Federation was much more decentralized then, allowing the interstates limitless autonomy over military and defense affairs within their own jurisdictions. This, however, during the fragile youth of the United Federation, allowed for widespread rebellion. Most rebellions were easily quashed by interstate forces, however, the larger uprisings which spanned over several planets brought about jurisdictional issues widespread confusion as to which force must handle which situation.

After the last major rebellions were painstakingly ended in 2184 by means of the Order to Federalize the Armed Services, the Federal Gathering met to discuss solutions to the problem. Among the proposals was allowing interstate forces the freedom to enter one another's territories and enforce the law. This was met with opposition as many thought richer and more powerful interstates would thereby impose their will upon the poorer and weaker interstates. This was acknowledged, and that motion was defeated. Instead, there was a general consensus that a unified military should be created. This military, however, was to be severely limited and could only act under certain circumstances and at certain times, while the interstate forces kept primary jurisdiction in their territories for most of the time.

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