Federal Police of Mexico
Mexico Federal Police
Federal agency overview
Formed 1999
Jurisdiction Mexico
Headquarters Military Plaza, Mexico City, Mexico
Employees 59,000+
Annual budget $33.6 billion

The Federal Police of Mexico is an government agency formed in 1999, and has served Mexico durign the presidency of Vicente Fox, and the incumbent president Felipe Calderon. Typically, PF officers are heavily armed and clad in blue/black fatigues. On account of its heavily armed agents, its culture, and its origins, the PF may be considered a gendarmerie. They are sometimes referred to by the slang term "Federales".


Being an institution committed to the society in preventing crime and fighting crime, preserving the integrity and heritage of the people, peace and order and the rule of law, whose principles attached to this of legality, efficiency, professionalism and honesty, with full respect for human rights. Maintain and strengthen the social communications strategy and media relations that allows the dissemination of timely and accurate actions and work of the Federal Police.

In 2000, the PF had 10,878 officers or staff:

  • 4,899 from the Mexican army's 3rd Brigade of the Military Police, included two military police battalions and an Assault Battalion.
  • 4,000 from the Federal Highway Police
  • 1,500 from the Fiscal Police
  • 600 from the Interior Ministry's Center of National Security And Investigation

Strategic objectives

  • Preventing and combating crime commission to ensure peace and public order.
  • Fight corruption, to purify and dignify the police.
  • Strengthen the professionalism of the members of the Institution.
  • Improve public perception of the institutional activities.
  • Promote citizen participation in crime prevention.
  • Consolidated as the country's largest institution in the field.
  • Strengthen its organizational structure and functional.
  • Manage resources efficiently.
  • Increase and strengthen the operational deployment at the national level.
  • Strengthening intelligence activities.
  • Strengthen inter-agency coordination mechanisms with the three levels of government.
  • Promote the updating of the legal framework.
  • Strengthen and upgrade the technological infrastructure

Vehicles and Weapons


  • H&K 21
  • AR-15


  • Chevrolet Tahoe
  • Chevrolet Camaro
  • Ford F-150
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • UH-60

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