Federal Unites of America
Flag of the Federal Unites
Temporary Flag of the Military Government
Location of the Federal Unites & Warzones
The Federal Unites
     Stable regions
     Major warzones
Motto: This we'll defend
Anthem: Star Spangled Banner
None; Washington, D.C. claimed
Official language English
Ethinic groups White American, African-American, Hispanic American, Asian American
Demonym American
- Head of State
Military junta
David Patraeus
Legislature None
- N/A

- Total

- Water (%)

N/A km²
N/A sq mi
- 2012 estimate
- 2011 census
- Density

N/A/sq mi
- Total
- Per capita
2011 estimate
GDP (nominal)
- Total
- Per capita
2011 estimate
Gini (2011) N/A (N/A)
HDI (2011) Green Arrow Up Darker N/A (N/A)
N/A (N/A) (N/A)
Time Zone N/A (UTC+2)
Date formats mm-dd-yyyy (CE)
Drive on the N/A
Internet TLD N/A
Calling code N/A

The Federal Unites of America, commonly known as the Federal Unites or FSA for short, is a large nation in North America consisting of the majority of the post-American fall states. It is governed by a strict military government engaged in a large number of on-going wars within its territory seeking to maintain the unity of the country, hence its name. As the military government is constantly on the move given the volatile state of the country, and thus there is no official capital, though Washington, D.C. is claimed as the national capital. The Federal Unites are the most dangerous place to be currently, do to the Second American Civil War. However, the country is still strong enough to have considerable pull in international politics, though sending troops abroad instead of dealing with the war at home is considered a no-go by government officials.

The country is divided into seven military districts, which serve as the official subdivisions of the FSA for the time being. The currently leader of the nation is General David Patraeus, who is serving under the semi-official title of "Temporary President of the United States of America", until the crisis has ended. Censoring of the press, omnipresent security forces in the stable regions of the country, and strict food rationing mark the nation that was once the most powerful nation on Earth. Today, the fighting covers most of the Federal Unites, requiring rapid reaction forces to move in to protect vital economic and industrial territories of the country.




The military of the Federal Unites is extremely divided, with army units controlled by generals whom the soldiers beneath feel will guide them to victory against their American borthers. For this reason, there is no official military force in the country per say. However, as the country is governed by the top general in the collective forces of the military units, they all answer to him, and thus give the nation some form of a cohesive military force.




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