The Federal University of the Allied States (FAS) is the administrative and parent organization to a number of future universities throughout the Allied States, thus, it is also officially known as the Federal University System. What makes the FAS unique from normal state-funded public universities is that tuition is completely free of charge.

The idea of a federal university system for the Allied States was first mentioned in 2009 during the construction of New Bay City, however it was not until January 2011 that the new Mac Administration actually made attempts at establishing such a system. In March 2011, Democratic Liberal Senator Name of State officially proposed it in Senate, and had basically no opposition, apart from the question of "who will pay?" Thus Confederate Senators amended to the Federal University Act of 2011 that a federal tax increase will fund the system. This caused outrage for months, however, the idea of free tuition eventually satisfied the population.

It is expected that the Federal University, or rather its subsidiaries, will become the largest higher educational system in the Allied States. It has, however, been noted and stressed that the same quality of education received from normal public or private universities is not guaranteed, as lecturers will be paid a far lower wage than normal. This was shot down as a real issue by several supporting Senators, saying "these students can either get free higher education or... well... not." The FAS will be fully recognized to give degrees by the Department of Education.


As of June 2012, only one campus has completed construction, the Federal University at Auburn:

  • Federal University at Albuquerque
  • Federal University at Auburn
  • Federal University at Centurion City
  • Federal University at Cheyenne
  • Federal University at Denver
  • Federal University at Midland
  • Federal University at Salt Lake City
  • Federal University at San Diego
  • Federal University at St. Louis
  • Federal University at Tulsa

The following universities were cleared for construction after Canada and Baja California officially joined the Allied States:

  • Federal University at Calgary
  • Federal University at La Paz
  • Federal University at Whitehorse

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