The Federated States Civil Defence is the organized non-military effort to prepare the country for military or nuclear attack, normally cetnred around educating citizens on surviving a nuclear holocaust, and preparing for an attack.


Educating People


A Civil Defence poster from 2007

The Civil Defence supplies information booklets on the effects of nuclear fallout, aswell as several propaganda movies 'starring Bert the Turtle' in Duck and the Cover initiative. To further spread the message, radio Public Service Accouncements including children's songs are broadcast by radio stations to educate the public in case of nuclear attack.

Alerting People

Evacuation Plans

The FSA government together with Atom-Tech produced the Atom Shelters, huge subterrean fallout shelters, which are built to survive a nuclear holocaust, as part of Project Safehouse which began in 1993. The project also includes the monthly testing and drills of the populace for readiness incase of attack, although it is speculated that these many have a cry-wolf effect come a nuclear attack.

Civil Defence Agencies

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