Federation of Everett Terrestrial Forces
Founded 2028
Country Federation of Everett
Branch Ground Forces
Air Force
Role Terrestrial/Surface-based Military
Size 4,650,000 personnel (2052 est.)
Part of Federation of Everett Department of Defense
Motto Guardians of the Homeland
Colors Red, White, Blue
Mascot Bald Eagle
Secretary of Defense Victoria Northrop

The Federation of Everett Terrestrial Forces is the surface based division of the Federation Armed Forces. Its mission is to provide for the defense of the Federation of Everett, its allies and enforce Everetti military and foreign policy during times of war and to assist in humanitarian crisis in all situations upon the surfaces of the planet Earth and the planet Flora. The Terrestrial Forces are made up of three military service branches, the Ground Forces, the Air Force and the Navy. The Ground Forces are the largest by total employed, enlisted and commissioned personnel, and the Air Force is the most utilized. The Navy is the smallest branch of the three and sea-faring vessels continue to be decommissioned as the focus on the Space Forces increases.

The Ground Forces consists of approximately 3.5 million personnel. Two million Marines are employed under active duty, rotating with another one and a half million reserve Marines. A total of 50,000 Ground Forces include the Militant Forces, a division of the Ground Forces consisting of special forces operatives. The Ground Forces utilizes a variety of nearly 900,000 combat vehicles.

The Air Force employs 850,000 personnel and maintains just over 19,000 combat aircraft and other aircraft. It also maintains control over the majority of Everetti weapons of mass destruction arsenals, including fusion weapons systems, launch silos, ballistic missile defenses, Strategic Defense systems, HAARP, GEMPA and the Planetary Defense System satellite constellation.

The Navy maintains 101 combat vessels, 50 Coast Guard vessels and five hospital ships. It employs the smallest amount of personnel of all four military branches, some 275,000 enlisted and commissioned servicemen and women. The Navy is primarily made up of aircraft carriers, battleships, submarines and littoral combat ships. Nearly all other forms of naval vessels have been phased out due to the increase in the effectiveness of the Air Force and Space Forces technology. The Navy also controls a small portion of Everett's weapons of mass destruction arsenal, including fusion warheads. The Navy's carriers utilize a force of 1,500 combat aircraft. Unlike the Ground Forces and the Air Force, the Navy entirely resides and operates on Earth, maintaining no presence on Flora.

Ground Forces

The Federation Ground Forces employ 2.5 million Marine Corp troops and one million reserves. 75,000 Marines are stationed on active duty on Flora and 100,000 reserve Marines are also stationed on Flora. It maintains approximately 875,000 military ground vehicles and 15,000 helicopters and drop-ships. Since 2040, the Ground Forces has been in a process of phasing out helicopter use and began replacement programs for drop-ship style attack and utility aircraft. The Ground Forces are complemented by its primary combat vehicle, the M5 Dakota main battle tank, which replaced the previous M4 Harris. The Marine Corps uses a variety of drones to assist in combat and other roles, which are advanced derivatives of the HAD series droids used between 2010 and 2042. AAIDS droids are common automated companions of Marine Corps squads. Since 2042, these droids have increased their roles in combat.

Special Operations

The Ground Forces maintains a sub-division known as the Militant Forces, which focuses on special operations warfare. Employing approximately 50,000 special forces operatives, the MF is frequently used in scenarios such as hostage rescue, sabotage, reconnaissance, observation, assassination, high profile arrests, Presidential security and black operations.

The Militant Forces maintains 2,500 operatives on Flora. 500 Militant Forces operatives are stationed on Mars and another 250 are stationed on Destiny under Space Forces authority.

Homeland Defense System

The Homeland Defense System, referred to as "HDS" in short, formed in 2005 under a Department of Defense civil defense program, continues to maintain functions today. As of the 2052 annual Homeland Defense System census, 61,554,213 Everetti citizens are HDS personnel, nearly double the number of HDS personnel in 2010. HDS personnel continue to maintain their role as a civil defense program whose duty is defense of the homeland from threats foreign, domestic and of natural disaster. Since 2005, the HDS been called into service by the President in time of emergency on many occasions to assist areas of the Federation of Everett suffering from natural disasters and to assist law enforcement and military operations in times of war, terrorism and domestic crisis. The Homeland Defense System also continues to include private militia organizations and native American tribal reservation militias.

Air Force


Coast Guard



Ground Forces

Vehicle Type Origin Versions In service Notes
Combat Vehicles
M5 Dakota Main Battle Tank Federation of Everett M5A1
5,500 5,000 on order
M4 Harris Main Battle Tank Union of Everett M4A1
10,500 7,500 in reserves
M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank United States/Union of Everett M1A1
5,000 5,000 in reserves
Stryker Armored Personnel Carrier United States/Union of Everett M1126 ICV
M1128 MGS
M1131 FSV
M1134 ATGM
M1157 RGFS
2,500 700 in reserve. M1157 RGFS is a railgun based fire support vehicle.
BRV-O Tactical Utility Union of Everett BRV-O1
37,000 3,200 in reserves
M353 V-Tac Tactical Utility Federation of Everett M353A1
62,000 10,000 on order
M911 Havoc Infantry Fighting Vehicle Federation of Everett M911 FSV
M911 ME
M911 MGS
M911 ICV
8,200 6,000 on order
AAV-9 Riptide Amphibious Assault Vehicle Federation of Everett AAV-9A1
1,100 500 on order
M120 Shapeshifter Infantry Fighting Vehicle Union of Everett M120-IFV 9,500
M120 Shapeshifter Light Tank Union of Everett M120-T 2,000 1,500 in reserves
Transport Vehicles
MVTR 2 Series Medium Cargo/Transport Federation of Everett MTVR2A1 95,000 10,000 on order
M1313 Heavy Cargo/Transport Federation of Everett M1313A1
M120 Shapeshifter Towing/Recovery Union of Everett M120R
AH-88 Wasp Attack Helicopter Union of Everett AH-88 750
UH-90 Taurus Utility Helicopter Union of Everett UH-90
CH-53K King Stallion Heavy-Lift Cargo Helicopter Union of Everett CH-53K
CV-22 Osprey V/STOL Transport Union of Everett CV-22B
CV-28 Paladin Heavy V/STOL Transport Union of Everett CV-28C 35
RAH-66 Comanche Reconnaissance/Attack Helicopter Union of Everett RAH-66 1,300
UD-22 Pterodactyl Multi-role Drop-ship Federation of Everett UD-22U
350 5,500 on order.

Air Force

Aircraft Type Origin Versions In service Notes
Combat Aircraft
EF-100 Triad Superiority Space Fighter-Bomber Union of Everett EF-100 250
SF-22 Raptor II Superiority Space Fighter Union of Everett SF-22A
SF-9 Predator Air/Space Fighter-Bomber Union of Everett SF-9A 425
SF-35 Lightning III High-Atmospheric/Orbital Fighter Union of Everett SF-35A
F-22 Raptor Stealth Air Superiority Fighter United States/Union of Everett F-22A 265 Reserve aircraft
F-35 Lightning II Stealth Multi-role Fighter Union of Everett F-35A
1,500 Reserve aircraft
B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber United States B-2F 10 Reserve strategic bomber
Transport Aircraft
EC-200 Saucer Transport/AWACS/Heavy Bomber/Electronic Warfare Union of Everett EC-200A
Boeing 818 VIP Transport Union of Everett 818A
5 Presidential transport spacecraft
Unmanned Aircraft
Neural Network Drone Unmanned Fighter Federation of Everett NND-A


Vessel Type Origin Versions In service Notes
Combat Vessels
Independence Class Littoral Combat Ship Union of Everett N/A 15 Coast Guard
Freedom Class Littoral Combat Ship Union of Everett N/A 15 Coast Guard
Harris Class Corvette Union of Everett N/A 16
Massachusetts Class Battleship Union of Everett N/A 20
Havana Class Battleship Union of Everett N/A 9
Quebec Class Submarine Union of Everett N/A 15
Ford Class Aircraft Carrier Union of Everett N/A 10
Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier United States/Union of Everett N/A 1
America Class Amphibious Carrier Union of Everett N/A 12
Miscellaneous Vessels
Samaritan Class Hospital Ship Union of Everett N/A 6
Naval Aircraft
F-35 Lightning II Stealth Multirole Union of Everett F-35C 550
SF-22 Raptor II Stealth Air Superiority Union of Everett SF-22C 225
CH-53K King Stallion Heavy Lift Cargo Helicopter Union of Everett CH-53K
UD-22 Pterodactyl Multirole Dropship Federation of Everett UD-22T
125 100 on order
A-47 Barracuda Unmanned Bomber Union of Everett A-47B 100
Neural Network Drone Unmanned Fighter Federation of Everett NND-A 615

Miscellaneous Terrestrial Forces Inventory

Equipment Origin Type Versions In service Notes
Equipment United States Attack, Close Air Support A-10
320 Notes

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