Fei Wen
Prime Minister Fei Wan
Fei Wen in 2012
Minister of the Environment
In office
President of the Free Republic of China
Assumed office
Prime Minister Sun Li Shen
Preceded by Kim Xeng
Personal details
Born6 June, 1974
Shenzhen, China
Political partySocial Liberal Party
Spouse(s)Hsu Wen
ChildrenKim Wen
Alma materUniversity of Guangzhou
Fei Wen (费雯) is the current President of the Free Republic of China. First elected in 2010, her first term will end in 2015. Fei is the first female President of China. Born in 1974 in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China to parents Song and Mei Koi. 


Fei, was born to parents Song and Mei Koi in Guangdong Province. Born to a Working Class Family, Fei excelled in Primary School, and later Secondary School, taking an interest in Phsycology and Politics. Fei was accepted into the Guangzhou University in 1982 with a full Scholarship, where she gained a Degree in Phsycology and Government and Politics. Fei married current husband Hsu Wen in 1985 and had one child, Kim Wen

Political Career

In 1985, Fei started working in the Ministry of Culture, and later the Environment Ministry of China in 1986, where she became a high ranking Minister in 1996, and became the Minister of the Environment in 2002, in office for one term, ending in 2007.

In 2008, Fei joined the Social Liberal Party of China, and became a Member of Parliament for the Party in 2009. In 2010, at the age of 38, Fei ran for Presidency of China backed by the Social Liberal Party and several former co-workers in the Environment Ministry. Fei was voted in by a landslide vote of 85% assuming office on the 12th November 2010. Since her election President Wen has taken a Liberal and Freeist stance at Presidency with several contraversial policies. 


Fei Wen has been a member of the Social Liberal Party of China since 2008, and is a proud supporter of Freeism in China. Fei Wen is an outspoken Agnostic, and is not part of any religious group, supporting Secularism in China, which has caused a stir involving many Religious Groups in China. 

Core Beliefs

FeiWen PoliticalCompass

Political Compass of Fei Wen.

  • LGBT Rights - YES
  • Gay Marriage - YES
  • Abortion - YES
  • Death Penalty - NO
  • Torture Methods - NO, 'Only the threat of Torture gains results' 
  • Stem Cell Research - YES
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction - NO
  • Radioactive Weapons - NO
  • Biological Weapons - NO
  • Chemical Weapons - NO
  • Equal Rights - YES
  • Innocent Unilt Proven Guilty - YES
  • Assisted Suicide - Partial
  • Criminal Rights - Partial
  • Foreign Interference - NO
  • Gun Rights - NO
  • Self Defence Rights - Partial
  • Freedom of Speech - YES
  • Freedom of Expression - YES
  • Freedom of Religion - YES
  • Freedom of Press - YES
  • Right to Protest - YES
  • Right to Privacy - YES

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