Feltrite is a substance found on the planet of Omicron, it was discovered and brought back by early probes sent to Omicron in the early 21st century. It is a very strong, and lightweight substance, that is excellent for use in armor, ammunition, construction and production of energy in Nuclear Synthesis.

Feltrite is plentiful on Omicron.

Because of its structure, it can be used to create stronger types of ammunition, as well as better armor. Feltrite is also used in creation of Electro Magnetic Technology, such as EMP Grenades and others, because it has electronic disruptive technologies in it, if used in a certain way.

Globus Corporation

The Globus Corporation, mines, exports it and uses Feltrite for a number of different technologies, such as the manufacture of Advanced Technologies like, Advanced Armor and Ammunition. It is also used by its Energy Division, to create vast amounts of energy with Nuclear Synthesis, which is the top energy source in the 2040's.

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