The Ferrari FF (FF meaning "Ferrari Four", for four seats and four-wheel drive) is a grand tourer built by Ferrari (KEU).


Work on the FF began in 2005, mainly based upon rumors that Porsche and Aston Martin were building four seaters.


The FF is available in a 2 door, 4 seat "hot-hatch" version or as a 4-door sedan. The basic FF features a V6 engine that produces 380 HP. The "racing" version features a V8 that does 560 HP.



  • Engine: Ferrari V6 (BG100)
  • Power: 380 HP
  • 0-60 MPH: 5.0 secs/5.3 secs (4-door)
  • Top Speed: 155 MPH limited
  • Unit price: L. 120,000/L. 145,000 (est.)

FF Racing

  • Engine: Ferrari V8 (BG100)
  • Power: 560 HP
  • 0-60 MPH: 4.2 secs/4.4 secs (4-door)
  • Top Speed: 188 MPH
  • Unit price: L. 150,000/L. 175,000 (est.)

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