Ferribru sanfelon
Official Languages Ferrine
Other Languages Finnish, Kongyish, Saiger
Capital Joanosbika
Government Monarchy
Monarch King Ranig IX (as of 2005)
Prime Minister Najak Ibumak (as of 2005)
Area 219423 km²
Population ~12 634 000
GDP (nominal) per capita As of 2005
179503 FIM
940395 FERH
Establishment From Empire to Kingdom
July 30th, 1898
Currency Ferrine hamma

The kingdom of Ferribre (Ferrine: Ferribru sanfelon) is a monarchy in Cicheghoaste region. Ir borders Ardenjost, Bexhas, Hangende, Konguel, Vesnut and Dereb. Ferrine nation comprises mainly descendants of Silgrares; Saimo-Savonian tribe that created the Ferrine Empire to its modern place in the 10th century.



1. Togobel 2. Birtagel 3. Vambasla 4. Saigara 5. Gerca 6. Vidata 7. Ikop Gaunumer 8. Etem Gaunumer 9. Hangera 10. Sahkera 11. Mühia 12. Cepel

Continent of Fennia
Ferrine Straits, Countries: Ardenjost | Bexhas | Ferribre | Hangor | Kongiland | Lukta | Lebuvre | USF
Etienne Plateau, Countries: Bexhas | Gantuma | Havant | Jassa | Verdere | Yunnava
Western Gacavi Valley, Countries: Auswu | Japile | Lebuvre | Shalkanu | Varanna | Yargad
Payantese East Coast: Davasako | Harrasta | Leivätima | Syssem

Continent of Colcarely
Savonian Peninsulas, Countries: Ardenjost | Cardoby | Cuopio | Dereb | Ferribre | Garyenede
Kallayan Valley, Countries: Cihelec | Jõangre | Lebuvre | Nilsya | Vemeiro
Eastern Gacavi Valley, Countries: Kanlamya | Lebuvre | Shalkanu | Varanna
Elinires, Countries: Lechris | Naberma | Giuga

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