Since the establishment of the Arctic Federation as an independent nation state, there have been numerous campaigns to add a fifth constituent state to the Federation. Of those campaign, three have received concentrated media attention.


Nunavik Nunavik - Area: 443,685 km²; Population: 12,090

The population of Nunavik is 90% Inuit, and shares most of its culture with the people of Nunavut. Many of its inhabitants also have family located in Nunavut, following their forced relocation away from Quebec in the 1950s. The proposal of Nunavik joining the Federation has been well-supported, and negotiations with the Quebecois government are currently underway for the transfer of Nunavik into Arctic hands. Should Nunavik join the Arctic Federation, then it is expected that Nunatsiavut (the Inuit area in the north of Labrador) would petition to join Nunavik State.

Svalbard and Jan Mayen

Svalbard Svalbard and Jan Mayen - Area: 61,399 km2; Population: 2,655

The unincorporated islands of Norway, located to the east of Greenland State and well inside the Arctic Circle, briefly discussed joining the Arctic Federation. The island is home to the northernmost permanent settlement in the world, and is considered - by virtue of crime being almost non-existent - to be one of the safest places in the world. Owing to its current prosperity, and lack of cultural similarity with the rest of the Federation, a motion to join was swiftly dismissed.

Unorganised Borough

Alaska Unorganised Borough, Alaska - Area: 837,706 km2; Population: 81,803

The Unorganised Borough, containing 13% of the population of the American state of Alaska and more than half its land, is effectively the last part of the United States of America without any formal government. Public support for the proposal to join the Arctic Federation was relatively high, but was swiftly embargoed by the US Federal Government (who promptly made moves towards incorporating the entire population of Alaska for tax purposes). It was made clear that further moves to annex United States territory would be met with hostilities.

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