City of Finnalund
—  City - National Captital  —
Finnalund Portrayal.png
Finnalund's west side
Flag of Finnalund.png
Location of Finnalund.png
Location of Finnalund
Country Northersey
City City of Finnalund
Founded January 11, 1468
 - Mayor Sean Carey (Labour)
Population (2010)
 - Total 1,987,533
 - Demonym "Finnalanders"
Postal Code 3-113
Regional Telephone Code +77 2

Finnalund is the capital city of the Commonwealth of Northersey. It is the largest city in the nation and boasts it is the cultural and commercial hub. It was established in 1468 and made the capital for the Scottish government four years later in 1472. Previously, Borderrock was the capital of the monarchy and nation.

Self-government was awarded by the first government of Northersey in 1937, under the first Prime Minister Benjamin Collier. Presently, 23 council members sit on the Finnalund City Council of Northersey. The mayor, Sean Carey, member of the Labour Party, has been in office since 2009.

The city is home to many major building in Northerseyan culture and politics. It is home to the National University of Northersey and Finnalund University, which is the top two schools in the nation. Additionally, Parliament House and the House of the Supreme Court are located in the city. The National Museum and the Cultural Center of Northersey also are located in the city.

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