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First Detariyan War

Eventually, worn down in their endless struggle against the manasappers and having become utterly depleted of mana, the guilds' weakness began to become obvious to the western kingdoms of Detariya which had once been so steadfastly under guild rule. In 354 BEA, 60 years after the first arrival of the manasappers, a coalition of kingdoms arose to challenge guild rule, working to seize the guilds' now-decrepit leys. The guilds called on their Alliance - including the minor states in guild-controlled Ethaya - to provide mundane soldiers, while the guilds provided magical support. Already the great numbers of manasappers greatly reduced the mages' ability to cast spells, but the guild mages still were able to use their spells to a significant extent in the war effort - just not nearly as much as would normally be expected of them in an Ethayan war. Since the guild had both the armies from Ethaya and the armies from those Detariyan kingdoms still loyal to them, this was enough, and the guilds won the war, forcing the rogue nations back into the Alliance by 352 BEA, less than a year after the arrival of their forces in Detariya.

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