This is the cosmology of the Thuddim of the world of Thudd, and the annals of the First Epoch.


This is an ancient tale, and it is a tale being retold every day by every tree in this sacred grove. But here it is retold in words. So there it was, a seed. A curious little thing that sprang out of nothingness. How did it come to being, no one can tell, for who was there to witness the coming of it and give us the account of its being? But it was there nonetheless, for a tree could only sprang out of a seed. The First Tree was sprang from the First Seed. And it must be a beautiful thing to behold to see Thudd the Great Tree at its greenest and most fragile days. But lucky for it there was no foot or paw to trample it for it was the first and only thing to come to being in the youth of existence.

Read on: Creation of Thudd The following are the rest of the origin myths:

Seven Ancient Nations
Mahadim | Saladim | Muthimdim | Caraindim | Werndim | Raedim | Fikdim | Dark Ones

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