The First Lady of Georgeland is the official title of the wife of the President of Georgeland. When the President is a woman, as is presently the case, the title of her husband is First Gentleman.

The First Lady or First Gentleman has no official duties and recieves no salary. The title is not honorary, and it is technically kept for life, but there is no formal role attached to it. The First Lady or First Gentleman recieves a pension when their spouse leaves office, and while their spouse is President they are entitled to identical levels of protection, and recieve the same travel benefits.

Typically, a First Lady or First Gentleman will be patron of a number of organisations and fill a variety of social roles, including the official host or hostess at Martin Hall. This role under President Lois Daniels has tended to fall to the President herself, while her husband, John Harris, continues his business career. In his capacity as First Gentleman, however, Harris does is patron of several non-profit organisations.

Harris also has the unique distinction of being the only presidential spouse whose surname differs from the President's - President Daniels did not change her name upon marriage.

List of First Ladies or First Gentlemen of Georgeland

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