The First Segment (also known as the 'Prime Segment') is officially the most direct descendant of the original Palaedonian authority, and one of the Palaedonii Segments. It undisputedly occupies the area now known as Palaedonia, and is one of the only stationary Segments.


The First Segment is made up of the surviving members of the continent Opulos located on the surface of Palaedonia. The ILN (International League of Nations) managed to successfully launch two cargo ships into space. When they arrived the cargo ships joined together and immediately laid a claim to the area of space surrounding the planet. At this stage, no other group was strong enough to challenge them.

Led by a council of thirty leaders, the First Segment grew rapidly, constructing a small fleet. Its main advantage was that it had a population far superior to any of the other segments.

Since its first claim, there have been few attacks against it. The attacks that there have been were by the Fourth Segment, who believed that the land was rightfully theirs. Although a great deal of damage was caused, the impenetrable defences of the First Segment held out against the attackers on every occasion.


Cargo ships

  • SS Beholder
  • SS Governor
  • SS Ambassador


  • Flare fighters
  • SS Signatin (lead ship)
  • SS Praetori

Exploration ships

  • SS Discovery
  • SS Revelation (also sometimes treated as a warship)

Most Notable achievements

  • Creation and usage of the P.E.A.R.L squad and their various successes, most commendably their various study missions of Palaedonia (planet).
  • Defeat of the Fourth Segment in a number of battles. The most crucial of these was the Battle of Caesia.

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