First Union War of Frecia
First Union War
Frekian troops during the Battle of Zargas
Date 6 March 1841–14 June 1852
Location Ioninos, Frecia
Result Decisive Frekian victory
Frecia flag 1902 Kingdom of Frekia Flag of Province of Ioninos Republic of Ioannia
Commanders and leaders
Frecia flag 1902 N/A
Frecia flag 1902 Nikodemos Elipandas
Frecia flag 1902 Damianos Galonopoulas
Frecia flag 1902 N/A
Flag of Province of Ioninos Krasimir Guentchev
Flag of Province of Ioninos Vlado Levski
Flag of Province of Ioninos Stanislav Vladimirescu
Flag of Province of Ioninos Cornel Ianculescu
Flag of Province of Ioninos N/A
Flag of Province of Ioninos N/A
Flag of Province of Ioninos N/A
63,470 troops
140 cannon
120 ships
31,800 troops
85 cannon
30 ships
Casualties and losses
7,734 killed
5,500 wounded
1,400 missing
11,628 killed
9,190 wounded
2,400 captured or missing
The First Union War of Frecia (1841–1852), also known as the Frekian Civil War, was a major conflict that took place within the northern regions of modern-day Frecia. The conflict was fought between the Kingdom of Frekia and the Republic of Ioannia, over the gold mines of today's Ioninos. The Bulgarian and Romanian Frekians that inhabited the region were seeking to benefit from the mines as the Greeks who dominated the country had marginalized their minority neighbors for much of the nation's history.

The Ioannia Crisis, perpetrated by Silvestru Mandruleanu, was done with the aim of forcing the government into appealling to the plight of the non-Greek citizens, but ultimately failed when Greek Frekians murdered Mandruleanu in his office in 1841. The outrage sparked the minorities of Frecia to fight their government seeking better treatment and fair representation in the national government. The civil war, though a total failure for the rebelling forces, is credited with establishing the minority groups of Frecia in the government, which sought never to have a repeat of the civil war ever again.





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