Fjalland Security Forces
Fjalland Öryggissveita
Flag of Fjalland
Founded 20 April 1875
Current form 27 November 1957
Service branches Flag of Fjalland Ground Corps Fjalland Ground Corps
Flag of Fjalland Aviation Corps Fjalland Aviation Corps
Flag of Fjalland Maritime Corps Fjalland Maritime Corps
Headquarters Borgarvirkið, Tryggia
Höfðingi Friðbjörn Þórhallursson
Ráðherra of Defense Dagbjartur Arnarsson
Æðsta Yfirmaður Hjalti Viðarsson
Military age 18–49 years of age for men and women; 13 years of age during wartime
Conscription Enforced; 18-month mandatory military service; reservist until 56 years of age
Available for
military service
94,203 males, age 15–49 (2011 est.),
91,707 females, age 15–49 (2011 est.)
Fit for
military service
72,034 males, age 15–49 (2011 est.),
70,482 females, age 15–49 (2011 est.)
Reaching military
age annually
1,849 males (2011 est.),
1,904 females (2011 est.)
Active personnel 88,280 personnel
Reserve personnel 22,947 personnel
Budget $13.838 billion
Percent of GDP 21.2%
Domestic suppliers Framherji
Valur & Bjarki

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