The flag of Eastern Sahara is a tricolour consisting of the three equal horizontal red, green, and black bands, from the former Egyptian flag, and Sudanese flag. The flag bears Eastern Saharas national emblem, the Eagle of Saladin in gold centered in the green.

Rules About the Hoisting of the Flag

The flag is hoisted on all governmental buildings on Fridays, national holidays, and any other occasions as determined by the Minister of the Interior. The flag is hoisted daily on border posts, customs buildings, Eastern Sahara consulates and embassies overseas on Revolution Day (January 5), and other national holidays, as well as during the visit of the Eastern Saharan President to the country hosting the diplomatic mission. Abusing the flag in any way is a criminal offense and is punishable under law as it implies contempt of the power of the state. Penal provisions also govern abuse of foreign flags or national emblems of other countries.

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