Flag of Frecia
Flag of Frecia
Use State, Civil and War flag and ensign.
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 1929
Design Every colour for ich culture
Designed by Ianos Thanasisidis

The Flag of Frecia is the official flag of Frecia. The current flag, known as the liberty of our original cultures, has held its position as the official civil flag of Frecia since 1929.

This flag consists in a cross of St. George in the middle. The cross is on top of various colors. The red, for Romanians, the blue for Greeks, the green for Bulgarions and other colours for other original and native cultures.

The three stars represent the three cultures that colonized the island from the fifteenth century, including the Portuguese. From 1489 began to colonize without continuity until the sixteenth century.

The star means independence. The middle star is white beacuse white means freedom, peace.

Flag Evolution


The first version dates from 1655 when Ianos Thanasisidis designed it. This flag has undergone several changes. But it is from 1802 or earlier in 1791 when the flag is displayed the cross of St. George.

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