Current flags and ensigns

State and civil flag and ensign

Flag of Kihāmát

State and civil flag and ensign. Ratio: 1:2.

The current flag of Kihāmát was adopted on 11 January 1957 with the foundation of the Socialist Republic of Kihāmát.

The field of red symbolises the socialist republic and is also the colour historically associated with Raibáûī, the largest island of Kihāmát. The lions rampant are one of the country's national symbols and the black border surrounding them symbolises the impartiality of the state, this is taken from the Black Flag movement that arose during the late 1940s and eventually effected the Kihā́mmic Libertarian Revolution. The small yellow borders around the lions rampant represent the social liberty and freedom of the Kihā́mmic citizen. The flag has a ratio of 1:2.

The colours used are:

  • Red field (RGB: 204, 0, 0; Hex: CC0000)
  • Black (RGB: 0, 0, 0; Hex: 000000)
  • White (RGB: 255, 255, 255; Hex: FFFFFF)
  • Yellow border (RGB: 255, 242, 0; Hex: FFF200)
  • Yellow lions (RGB: 248, 222, 0; Hex: F8DE00)
  • Red lions' tongues (RGB: 255, 42, 42; Hex: FF2A2A)

The state and civil flag and ensign of Kihāmát can be flown by citizens both on land and at sea and is also displayed on government and public buildings and by government vessels.

War ensign

Kihāmát war ensign

War ensign. Ratio 5:3.

The war ensign of Kihāmát was adopted on 11 January 1957. It consists of a red field with a white saltire and a the yellow outline of a five-point star in the upper half. It has a ratio of 5:3.

War flag

Kihāmát war flag

War flag. Ratio 13:6.

The war flag of Kihāmát is a variant of the country's state and civil flag and ensign which also incorporates the country's war ensign. The flag was also adopted on 11 January 1957. The flag has a ratio of 13:6.

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