Flag of Lecrotia
Flag of Lecrotia
Use Civil flag and ensign FIAV 100100
Proportion 2:3
Design A tricolor with a stylized triskelion
War Flag of Lecrotia
Use war flag and naval ensign FIAV 011011
Proportion 2:3

The Flag of Lecrotia is the official flag of Lecrotia. Its current version was adopted on September 28, 1988.

The Flag is a horizontal tricolor of green, white, and green. Its ratio is 2:3, and in the white field there is a stylized triskelion.


The official colors of the flag adopted are:

Scheme Green White Black
Hex triplet 00A200 FFFFFF 000000
sRGB (0,0,162) 255,255,255 (0, 0, 0)
HSL (120° 100% 32%) (0° 0% 100%) (0° 0% 0%)

Other Flags

Naval flag

Naval Flag of the Republic of Lecrotia

Naval Flag

The Lecrotian Naval Flag is a dark red rectangle (ratio 2:3) with the triskelion and the letters R and L, the initial letters of the nation's complete name.

Governmental flag

The president is represented by his/her own flag. The Presidential Standard is a green rectangle (ratio 2:3) holding the triskelion, in the center, and the motto Festina Lente. on its hoist side. It is usually hoisted at the President's official residence, the Presidential palace. It is also displayed on the presidential car, as small-sized flags.

Vertical Flag

Vertical Flag of Lecrotia

Vertical Flag

The Vertical Flag is used on ceremonies and in the Parliament.

Old Flags

Flag of Lecrotia (1958-1988)

The Old flag was a green rectangle (ratio 2:3) with the triskelion and a yellow stripe going from low left corner to high right corner.

Flag of Sardinian Lecrotia

The flag of Sardinian Lecrotia was used while Lecrotia (back then Monsignor Island) was under Sardinian control.

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