Flag of the Republic of New Catalonia
Flag of New Catalonia
Use State, Civil and War flag and ensign.
Proportion 1:2
Adopted 1790
Design Blue for the sea and yellow for the island nation
Designed by Victor Colau de Patau

The Flag of New Catalonia is the official flag of New Catalonia. The current flag, known as the revolutionary flag, has held its position as the official civil flag of New Catalonia since 1790.

This flag consists 2 colors dark blue and yellow. Formed by 3 stripes de blue colored are similar and the yellow is thinest tha others.

The stripes represemts the sea "blue stripes" and the yellow represent the main island called "La Catalana because is a very long and narrow island. It is an elongated island.

In the midle appears the Coat of Arms of New Catalonia.

Flag Evolution


The first version dates from 1767 when Victor Colau de Patau designed it. This flag has undergone several changes. But it is from 1790 or earlier in 1767 when the flag is displayed the three stripes that the midle strip is a lilte bit small than others. Joan Beaulieu was re-adopted the flag in 1790`s in honnor of Victor Colau.

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