New India
Flag of New India
Name Ashoka Chakra Pin(अशोक चक्र पिन)
Use Civil and state flag and ensign 2000px-FIAV 111010.svg
Adopted 1912 2, January
Proportion 1:2

The current Flag of New India, officially called the Ashoka Chakra Pin (अशोक चक्र पिन), was adopted in 1912 2, January. It has two sides:golden yellow and white, with the Ashoka Chakra in the center. The yellow is peace and the white is order. The Ashoka Chakra has 24-points on it.

Specifications of the Flag

Ashoka Chakra Pin Symetrics

The flag was based on the religious symbol of Hindu the Ashoka Chakra. The flag's ratio is 1:2, which is actually shorter than the first one made. These were the aspects until they reurbished to:

Scheme Gold White Blue
Pantone 186 Safe 280
RGB 255,192,0 255,255,255 0,0,136
sRGB Hex FFC000 FFFFFF 000088
CMYK 0,24,85,15 0,0,0,0 100,100,0,50