Flag of Qatif
علم القطيف
Flag of Qatif
Use National flag
Proportion 1:2
Adopted 9th May 1995
Designed by Ahmad al-Mukhtar Masood
The flag of Qatif (علم القطيف) is the flag used as a government and civil ensign of Qatif since 1991. It shows a horizontal rectangular tricolour of the pan Arab colours of black, white and red with the Qatifi emblem centred in the middle. The words Allahu Akbar is written in Arabic in Kufic script, being based on the Iranian flag.



Revolutionary Committee

Arab Republic

Islamic Arab Republic



The current flag of Qatif is used as the state and civil flag - i.e, it is used for both official and civilian use on land. There is also an alternative flag for civilian use. The flag must always be shown the correct way up (the red band must be at the top). Insults to the flag, such as its desecration, is punishable by imprisonment or a heavy fines. If the flag is displayed to be vertically then a special variant is used, the the coat of arms at the top of the flag.

The flag is required to be shown at official government buildings and institutions both within Qatif and internationally. It may be taken down at night and flown at half mast in times of mourning such as the death of the Qatifi president.

Two alternative flags are used at sea. The civilian ensign must be used by civilian owned ships at sea whilst a naval jack is used by official state vessels. There is also a war flag that is used by the armed forces in times of war. The army and the airforce also have their separate flags, with the navy and coastguard using the naval jack. The president also has a standard that must be flown at all ceremonies and government facilities the president uses.


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