Fontenoy (Carona Metro)
Fontenoy tation sign
Paladio Real Senieres
Viergens Eugenio Cavall →
Cortes Parque Central →
Colombes Tempines →
Tempines Senieres →

Fontenoy is the busiest and most important station in the Carona Metro. The station is served by the Orange, Blue, Red, Green and Violet lines.

The station was built in 1945 and was initially a minor station on the Blue line, but with the addition of the Green and Orange lines in the 1960s the station was expanded. Today it is served by five lines. The station is named after the Carrier Fontenoy street, which got its name from the new fountain (Fontenoy in old Antarian) made in 1670.

Orange Line
Eus carameles signAdelia fierro signManno signCarmanis signPiaza castel signEstadio carona signSerra-Grana signPaladio real signFontenoy tation signSenieres signCristove vianna signBalaguePiaza indep signPiaza Lanesa sign
Blue Line

Piaza castel signMenis signViergens signFontenoy tation signEugenio cavall signMontreus signPiaza Lanesa signPiaza shikut signBienquer signSainza signVigana sur signFiura sign

Red Line

Piaza castel signMenis signNove julio signParque central signFontenoy tation signCortes signMascena signComunitad signHustal sign

Green Line

Santa Maria signTereza Bela signPiaza alpedra signAnt antonio mayor signTempines signFontenoy tation signColombes signAngorza signGranvia signPiaza Lanesa signFaures signUnac signIsania sign

Violet Line

Campo este signAs naciones signMondaria signTempines signFontenoy tation signSenieres signMartin saures signCapels signEst. benieres signBenieres signIsturia signEstadio cavania signFemas grisesAs forzasVigana signPaladio montreus sign

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