Foreign Office
Agency overview
Formed 1973
Jurisdiction United Kingdom of Wessex and Cornwall
Headquarters Victoria House, Bridge Street, Bath
Employees 6,000
Minister responsible Chris Williamton, Foreign Secretary
Child agencies Commonwealth Affairs Agency
International Trade Agency
Wessex and Cornwall Diplomatic Service

The Foreign Office, also known as the FO, and sometimes the Foreign Office, is the department of the Wessex and Cornwall government responsible for implementing Wessex and Cornwall's foreign policy and promoting the country's interests internationally. 

The head of the Foreign Office is the Foreign Secretary. In Cabinet, the Foreign Secretary is regarded as one of four most presitigous offices, along with the Secretary of Defence, Home Secretary and the Prime Minister. The Foreign Office is also responsible for Wessex and Cornwall's embassies abroad. 



The Foreign Office headquarters in Victoria House.


  • Chris Williamton - Foreign Secretary, Social Liberal Party
  • Tina Feyson - Deputy Foreign Secretary, Social Liberal Party
  • Timothy Yeoson - Foreign Minister, Social Liberal Party


  • International Trade Agency
  • Commonwealth Affairs Agency
  • Wessex Diplomatic Service

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