These are thr Foreign Relations of Chiangari. Foreign relation are controlled by the Chiangarian INT Bureau.

List of Countries

Country Region Type Partner Organization Embassey Trade Military
From To
Flag of the Allied States of AmericaAllied States North America Good UN, WTO, G-20, PSF Yes Yes Good Good
Flag of Altaic UnionAltaic Union Asia Moderate UN, APEC, WTO, OIS Moderate
Flag of Arabica(national)Arabica Asia Good UN, APEC, WTO, OIS Yes Yes Yes
Austranesia flagAustranesia Asia Good UN, ASEAN, WTO, APEC, G-20 Yes Yes Good
Flag of BeneluxBenelux Europe Good UN, WTO
Flag of the United KingdomBritannia Europe Good UN , WTO
Asia Good
Foreign Relations of Chaingari


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