Recently major immigration from Africa of people fleeing poverty and war has become a problem in Eastern Sahara, which has caused un-employment to rise.


South Sudan

Relations with South Sudan are strained, as they are wary of Eastern Saharas intentions towards the country, even though the Eastern Sahara has stated they have good intentions for the country that they have fought so long to make independant.


Greater Korean Republic

Eastern Sahara has neutral Relations with the GKR, after the recent elections in January 2012, the GKR has pledged to help the Eastern Sahara with modernisation. Eastern Sahara has an embassy in Tokyo.



Relations with the Republic of Cyprus are strained, as the Eastern Sahara recognzies Northern Cyprus as a sovereign nation, and along with Turkey are the only countries in the world to recognize the countries sovereignity.

European Union


Turkey had good relations with Egypt, which the Eastern Sahara inherited. Both countries have embassies and consulate generals in each other's capitals. Egypt and Turkey signed a free trade agreement in December 2005. Both Eastern Sahara and Turkey are full members of the Union for the Mediterranean. Turkey and Eastern Sahara both recognize Northern Cyprus as a separate country from the Republic of Cyprus.

Middle East




Saudi Arabia

North America

Allied States of America

United Commonwealths of America

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