Foreign Relations of Kurdistan

Relation Color Code: Green - Good, Red - Bad, Yellow - Neutral, and Blue - Kurdistan

This page contains Kurdistan's stances and foreign relations with nations around the world and with internaitonal organizations.

Player Nation

Allied States

Kurdistan and the Allied States have formal relations, following its formation in 2008. Since then, the two have maitain good relations, but currently Kurdistan attempts to maitain neutral relations with the Allied States of America.

New Africa

Kurdistan and New Africa have formal relations, following its formation in 2008. Since then, the two have maintain good economic relations, but any furthern relations have been halted by New Africa's numerous human rights violations.

Blank Nations


Kurdistan and Iraq have formal relations, following its formation in 2008, but have had strained relations between the two nations. Iraq continues to claims Kurdistan, while Kurdistan continues to gain international support from the Russian Federation, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Turkey.


Kurdistan, wanting to have a superpower to protect them from the minor nations, has been moving more and more to the Russian Federation for support in both economy and military. The Kurds have signed numerous agreements with the Russian government, and has the both the military and economic backing of the Federation to carry out its international plans as a stable nation, and expand peace and democracy to the Middle East.

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