The Kingdom of Palmares has taken outspoken positions on many issues, especially environmental ones. This has caused it to have problematic relations with some countries, but it has excellent relations with others. 


United States of America 

The Kingdom of Palmares has publicly condemned the stance of the American government on many issues, and has stated that the refusal of many Americans to believe in anthropogenic global warming is "a patheic example of willful blindness".  It has also declared that the American refusal to join the Kyoto Protocol is a "grave mistake".  Relations are accordingly rocky, with the Palmarista embassy in Washington being repeatedly shut down. 


Palmares has good relations with most European countries, including the Scandinavian nations, Germany, Britain and France. The Palmarista government has congratulated Sweden and Denmark on their environmental successes, and is reportedly hopeful of establishing a free trade agreement with the European Union.  

Middle East 

The Palmarista government opposes many oil-based Middle Eastern states on principle. Its intervention in Socotra gained it no friedns in the area either. Good relations exist with Oman and Iran, but relations with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE are problematic. Palmares is still in a state of war with Yemen following its seizure of Socotra. 

South America 

Palmares has good relations with most of South America. Argentina and Chile are major trading partners. Relations with Venezuela and Brazila are subject to strain, as Palmares holds territory they claim. Palmarista funds guerillas in Venezuela, but has refused to admit to doing so. 

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