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Foreign Relations in Westland are the responsibility of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Westland is a member of the League of NationsCouncil of Europe, the International Order of Socialist States, the World Trade Organisation and Ostra

Many of Westland's foreign relations are centuries old, with the country having essentially existed since the 9th century. Some of its current relations originate between the 10th century onwards. Westland, along with Iceland, were among the first countries to recognise the regain of independance of many Soviet countries, including Estonia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Westland has very close relations with Nordic countries, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. 

Westland's Strassonist societal system has historically caused unsteady relations in the past, in what many Westlandic politicians have called "Ignorant association of Strassonism with Marxist-Leninism." Westland, according to its constitution, is a Socialist State whic abhors Communism and has denounced corrupt Communist systems in China and North Vietnam and previously had sour relations with the Soviet Union. Nevertheless, Westlandic politicians throughout the 20th century have been branded communists, particularly by the United States. 

Westland conducts little international trade with other nations. Its main trading partners are Westland's only land neighbour, Britannia and Danguk, other socialist states. Trade embargoes placed upon the United States and Russia make Westland the smallest country in the world to put in place a trade embargo on a major superpower. 

Bilateral Relations


Key to Relations

  •      - Exceptionally Friendly
  •      - Very Friendly
  •      - Friendly
  •      - Fair
  •      - Strained
  •      - Poor
  •      - Exceptionally Poor
  •      - Hostile

  •      - Neutral
  •      - No/Former diplomatic relations (neutral officially)





Country Formal relations began Notes
Flag of Albania Albania1992Westland and Albania maintain cordial relations. Westland had formerly been a critic of the Communist regime in Albania until 1992 particularly during its Totalitarian and Marxist periods. Today, Westland is represented in Albania by its embassy of Skopje, and Albania is represented in Westland through its embassy in Brikksto.
Flag of Armenia ArmeniaNeverThe Westlandic government has never opened formal diplomatic relations with Armenia despite being one of the first nations to officially recognise independent Armenia following the fall of the Soviet Union. Westland has voiced its concern over low level human rights abuses and political corruption in Armenia.
Flag of Austria Austria1872Westland and Austria have a long history of bilateral relations dating back to the 17th century, however modern relations began in the late 1800's. Since 1923 relations between Austria and Westland have become more cordial with Austria attempting to distance itself from Socialism in Westland. Nevertheless, the two nations maintain and long-standing bond sharing common Germanic heritage.
Flag of Azerbaijan AzerbaijanNeverThe Westlandic government has never opened formal diplomatic relations with Azerbaijan despite being one of the first nations to officially recognise the Republic of Azerbaijan following the fall of the Soviet Union. Westland has voiced its concern over human rights abuses in Azerbaijan and political corruption.
Flag of Belarus Belarus NeverThe Westlandic government has never opened formal diplomatic relations with Belarus despite being one of the first nations to officially recognise the Republic of Belarus following the fall of the Soviet Union. The Westlandic government has voiced concerns over Belarus' corrupt political system and respect for human rights and has labelled Belarus a 'dictatorship.'
Flag of Belgium Belgium1843Westland and Belgium have had particularly bad relations since the outbreak of the Flemish Revolution in 2014 and Westland's show of support for the Socialist rebels. Allegations have also arisen that the disappearance of the Belgian royal family is due to kidnapping by Westland, however Westland has denied any of these allegations. The Westlandic embassy in Brussels was forced to evacuated following heavy rioting by anti-socialist protesters in November 2014.
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina----
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria----
Flag of Croatia Croatia----
Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic---
Flag of Denmark Denmark----
Flag of Finland Finland ----
Flag of Gaul Gaul ----
Flag of Georgia GeorgiaNever Westland has never established formal diplomatic relations with Georgia despite being one of the first countries to officially recognise it's independence when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.
German Empire Germany 1871Prior to Westland's socialist revolutions and to an extent World War I, Germany and Westland shared very close relations due to many similar cultural ties with each other. Following the Westlandic Socialist Revolution, German-Westlandic relations continued to deteriorate during World War II and the Cold War. Once Germany reunified and restored the Hohenzollern monarchy, Westland began to insult Emperor Frederick IV and the imperial family, accusing them of being "war criminals." Currently, relations are bitter between Germany and Westland, mostly due to the Flemish Revolution in Belgium.
Naval Ensign of Greece (1863-1924 and 1935-1970) Hellas----
Flag of Iceland Iceland----
Flag of Ireland Ireland----
Flag of Italy Italy----
Flag of Kosovo Kosovo----
Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein----
Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg----
Flag of Malta Malta----
Flag of Moldova Moldova ----
Flag of Monaco Monaco----
Flag of Montenegro Montenegro----
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands----
Flag of Norway Norway----
Flag of Poland Poland----
Flag of Portugal Portugal ----
Flag of Romania Romania----
Flag of Russia Russia---- Westland's relations with Russia are currently strained and tense. Russo-Westlandic relations were warm during the 1990's, however following Putin's seize of power in the early 2000's relations have began to deteriorate rapidly. Particularly since 2012. Westland has labelled Russia as a 'threat to progressive ideals.'
Flag of San Marino San Marino----
Flag of Serbia Serbia----
Flag of Slovakia Slovakia ----
Flag of Spain Spain ----
Flag of Sweden Sweden ----
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland ----
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine ----
Flag of the Vatican City Vatican City ----

North America

Country Formal relations began Notes
Flag of the Bahamas Bahamas ----
Flag of Belize.svg Belize----
Flag of Brazoria Brazoria ---- Westland has limited formal relations with Brazoria. Westland maintains an embassy in Austin, while Brazoria maintains an embassy in Brikksto. Westland has accused Brazoria of 'weak government' deferring the Americans and being 'yet another American puppet.'
Flag of Canada Canada----
Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica----
Flag of Cuba Cuba---- Relations between Westland and Cuba are strong. Both are members of the International Order of Socialist States and are bound by economic and military obligations towards member nations. Westland has been a leading critic of the American sanctions on Cuba, stating that "these sanctions are hurting the Cuban people, and the Americans are single handedly to blame for this violation of Cuba's national dignity.'

Westland has however put pressure on the Cuban government regarding the nation's human rights record including arbitrary arrest without trial and the repression of all forms of dissent. Successive Westlandic administrations have shown caution to becoming friendly with Fidel Castro, and other Cuban leaders. Westland has crticised the lack of elections for the Executive in Cuba.

Flag of the Dominican Republic Dominican Rep. ----
Flag of El Salvador El Salvador ----
Flag of Guatemala Guatemala ----
Flag of Haiti Haiti ----
Flag of Honduras Honduras ----
Flag of Jamaica Jamaica ----
Flag of Mexico (Fascist) Mexico ---- Westland formerly had distant formal relations with Mexico, however successive governments have voiced distaste over Mexico's fascist government painting 'Westland as an enemy to fascists everywhere.' No Westlandic official has ever visited Mexico on a formal state visit and members of the Mexican fascist establishment are not permitted to visit Westland. Westland broke off formal relations with Mexico in 2015 following the Mexican Invasion of Central America formerly closing its embassy in Mexico City and evacuating all diplomatic staff.
Flag of Nicaragua Nicaragua ----
Flag of Panama Panama ----
Flag of Nicaragua Nicaragua ----
Flag of Sierra Sierra 1909 Relations between Sierra and Westland were established during the early 20th century. Before this the two countries had been disparate and far apart and had little concern with establishing formal relations. Sierra has criticised Westland on its political system, and has voiced concern over Westlandic involvement in the Flemish Revolution. Westland has accused Sierra of being 'yet another American puppet,' and a 'monarchist elitist paradise.'
Flag of the United States United States 1814-2003 Relations between Westland and the United States are hostile despite Westland severing all diplomatic ties with the United States in 2002 citing the country's blatant disregard for international law, human lie and 'common sense,' treating the world like it's playground, following its actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. This followed several decades of Strained and hostile relations between the two countries, the United States citing Westland's lack of political freedoms, while Westland has denounced the United States for its rampant Human Rights abuses, inequality, Corrupt political system, and extreme laissez-faire economic values.

Westland has urged the United States to do more to work towards a truly equal and 'acceptable' society by reducing the influence of right-wing groups.

Wabash flag Wabash ---- Relations between Westland the Wabash Confederation are long standing, however have been limited, and both countries have had fairly neutral interactions. Wabash has voiced concern over Westland's territorial 'occupation' of Westland. Westland has criticised the majority of Wabash's estates for being little more than 'another American puppet.' Westland maintains an embassy in Duval, while Wabash maintains an embassy in Brikksto.

South America


Country Formal relations began Notes
Flag of Fiji Fiji Never Westland has never opened official diplomatic relations with Fiji. Westland has expressed concerns over the nation's coup d'états in 2000 and 2006 citing how unstable the Fijian political system is if coups are the only effective way to bring about a change in governance.
Flag of Nauru Nauru 1973 Westland has close ties with Nauru, a strange occurance for two nations so far apart. Westland has expressed concern over health provisions on the island and the concern over the widespread obesity rate, where over 71% are clinically obese. Westland has worked with Nauru which it claims 'the world has forgot' on improving its Healthcare services. Westland has also criticised the United States for 'raping the island of its phosphate reserves leaving the island in a state of severe poverty.' Westland provides medical aid to Nauru as of 2015, in the form of Westlandic doctors, Medical Supplies, and helped in the construction of the new medical centre in 2012.

Westland is represented in Nauru through its consulate general located in the capital Yaren. Nauru maintains an embassy in the Westlandic capital, Brikksto.

Flag of Palau Palau Never Westland has never opened official diplomatic relations with Palau.
Flag of Samoa Samoa Never Westland has never opened official diplomatic relations with Somoa.
Flag of Tonga Tonga Never Westland has never opened official diplomatic relations with Tonga. Westlandic interests in Tonga are represented through its liaison with the United Socialist Commonwealth.
USC Flag United Socialist Commonwealth 1923 Westland recognises the United Socialist Commonwealth as the sole legitimate government of Australia and New Zealand and its territories. The Westlandic government reguses to recognise the new Commonwealth government formed following the Civil War by John Ashford branding it an 'unacceptable rebellion.' The Westlandic government liaises with the Socialist Commonwealth's government-in-exile in North Vietnam through its Vietnamese embassy. Both the Commonwealth and Westland are members of the International Order of Socialist States (IOSS) and are bound by economic and defence agreements.
UCNZ flag 5 United Commonwealth Never Westland does not recognise the United Commonwealth as a legitimate government and has never opened dialogue or any form of diplomatic relations with what it calls a 'capitalist insurgency.' With the recent developments of isolation of the United Commonwealth any chances of diplomatic recognition are almost non-existent.

Foreign Policy

Foreign Aid