This page contains the Greater Korean's Republic relations and stances on nations and international organizations.

North America

Allied States of America

Relations between the Allied States and the Greater Korean Republic was established in 2008. Since 2008, the Greater Korean Republic and Allied States have had good relations and work together both economically and politically.

Northern Coalition

Relations between the Northern Coalition and Greater Korean Republic are neutral, due to the fact that both are good economic partners, but continue tensions between the Northern Coalition and Nuwaubia has led to the Greater Korean Republic to be cautious.


Relations between the Greater Korean Republic and Nuwaubia are good economically, and strained politically. Since Nuwaubia has a history of human rights violations.and the current radical regime has made relation even more tense in 2012.

United Commonwealths of America

The United Commonwealths of America have always maintained good relations with each other since the Political Crisis of 2007. The Greater Korean Republic and UCA are also good economic partners, as both countries consume each others rescources.

Central America

South America





Eastern Sahara

Relations with Eastern Sahara are neutral. After the new election, the Greater Korean Republic has been worried on how the new president will handle the situation in the Middle East. However, the Greater Korean Republic has pledge to help the Saharan government modernize their country.

South Sudan

Relations with South Sudan have detiorated after the invasion of the dipsuted Abyei area. At first, the Greater Korean Republic put an trade embargo on South Sudan, but that wasn't enough. Eventually, the Greater Korean Republiuc went to war with South Sudan on the side of Eastern Sahara and Turkey.

International Organization

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