Foreign relations of the united republic

The United Republic shares diplomatic relations with nearly every nation on Earth. It has established close ties to Canada, Russia, Germany, India, and Israel, while being in aggression with Pakistan and the People's Republic of China.

Foreign Relations

North America

United States of America

The United Republic and United States have gone through several stages in relations. Beginning with the secession and formation of the Carolina Republic, former President Bill Clinton was hostile to the new nation, calling it a "second confederacy" and imposing embargos on all Carolina goods. When the United Republic was officially formed in 1996, Bill Clinton continued his hatred and aggression to Liberty, while the international community soon was against some of Clinton's actions. In 2001, President George W. Bush made a promise to restore relations with the United Republic and soon met with President Dales early that year. Both were able to make agreements on various issues surrounding the two countries, including the secession of other states and border disputes.

In 2003, the United Republic helped the United States invade Iraq to overthrow the Ba'athist regime, resulting in a successful takeover. President Bush acknowledged Liberty's involvement and a special relationship soon came out between the United States and the United Republic. In 2009, Barack Obama assumed office as President of the United States, along with the Democratic Party ruling Congress, both having distasteful views for the United Republic. Various disputes were found between America and Liberty and soon the special relationship began to end, coming to a complete stop in late 2012 with the Sandy Hook Terrorist Attack and the Boston Bombing. Hostilities broke out after discovery of the United States NSA Surveillance in the United Republic, and soon the two countries were back at an aggressive level.

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